Hello 2020 Work Planner System

Here we are a couple of weeks into 2020 with our new planners. I have got my personal planner all ready to go. Check out my gallery for some layout ideas. I’m super excited and satisfied with how it has come together. However my work planner not so much. I don’t feel connected like I do with the personal one.

Last year I started off with a Hobonichi weeks.

If you saw my previous post you know I tried it as an EDC and since that didn’t work I decided to use it as a work planner.

I thought it would work because I manage to write smaller with my special pen. But I found as I got more responsibilities the weeks was too small.

I switched and currently using the Classic Happy Planner. I needed additional space for daily meetings and notes. I also wanted to have a place for reference materials. For example training materials and the take aways. Maybe some quick reminders on “how to” do some work related project or task. The Happy Planner is great for this since it has disc and can operate like a 3 to binder but prettier. 🥰

I like the layouts that are offered but it made me feel like I was stuck in a box. I decided to watch some you tube videos from the Happy Planner squad to get some inspiration. I came across the use of half sheet. At the top of the sheet I made a note of the top 3 priorities for the day. Then I would have my meetings listed at the bottom. Just in case I wasn’t near my electronic calendar.

The half sheets worked great but sometimes I like to make notes for the next day. I decided to use the same layout but on a whole page. I drew a line down the middle so I can have two different days. I use to plan with a bullet journal so I was no stranger to creating what I need.

I previously bought a half sheet with the days of the week on them. Thinking it will work for task but it was too small. Now I can use it for action items for the next week. That way at the end of the week I have a list of action items that I may have to follow up on the following week.

When I’m done with the current two days I use the back for the next two days. I am all about reusing material that I have. My work week has 5 days so I use the half sheet for Friday. Same layout just half the paper.

I hope this hack will inspire others. Nothing fancy. Here are some more pictures for motivation to get started.

Also would you like to see more planner layouts? My gallery is full of them. 💜

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