It’s Me!

Who Am I

This is Me……. I am Daughter, Sister, Mom, Auntie, Wife, and most importantly Your cheerleader!

Certified in group fitness, yoga, and a specialist in nutrition. I support all things with health and wellness. Akin to the Brady Bunch, I have a melded family that comprises teenagers…. They are all teenagers. It is no wonder that this is my outlet to maintain some balance and some self of me. I stay sane by indulging in tea or coffee. I have found a tea for every mood and added to my self care regiment.

Welcome to my LYFE, Learning my Full Empowerment through health, fitness and my favorite Meditation. I am on a journey to expand my knowledge and share the experience with you as we make this journey together. Learning how to lift one another up in a positive way can be so rewarding. God put us on this earth to be examples of Him and that’s my purpose.

​I had a diabetic scare about a decade ago and I have not looked back. According to the American Diabetes Association 18.7% African Americans have been diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes. To say that I was highly motivated, determined, and dedicated to not allow diabetes to be a part of my life would be an understatement. I was in the fight for my life and I was not even 30. Plus I am scared of needles!!

What works for ME

I am obsessed with meditation, fitness, meal prep and planners.

​Over the course of the years I have tried various diets. You name it I tried it, Weight watchers, Paleo, or the most popular Keto. I eventually realized I can’t follow other people’s plans. I need to find my own plan. I found out what works for me and my body type.

I started studying nutrition to understand what I was putting in my body. I took a week and planned out what I was going to eat. I read all the labels on everything that I had planned that week.

With a lot of trial and error, I finally came up with lower carb approach. This worked for me to help balance my depression, anxiety and hormones. Lower carbs meant no sugar, less bad cards and more good carbs. I still eat them but in moderation. It is very hard but I have my families support. I also made sure I incorporate water each day. I add lemon if I want something different.

With my new meal plan and a balance of cardio and weight lifting at the end of the week I dropped a pound. That was all the motivation I needed to keep going. Focusing on my self care, nutritional meals verses killing myself at the gym was the best idea. We all know weight lost is 80% eating and 20% exercise.

Making it Permanent

I took my fitness journey and turned it into a life change. I am sure you have heard of not doing a crash diet but making a life change?! This never happens overnight. It took a lot of process of elimination. I am still taking health classes, reading different fitness articles and magazines. I try to stay current with the different health articles and nutrition trends to continue to enhance my knowledge. You want to see my planning pages? another obsession I have besides health and wellness

Are you ready to make it permanent? I would love to provide a customize plan for your health and wellness journey. Schedule a consultation today.

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