Health & Wellness Coaching

Welcome to health coaching with a splash of Wellness. I specialize in finding the balance between a healthy life.

Find out how you can renew your life in 30 minutes for Free.

Renew Your L.y.F.E offer the following Health and Wellness Coaching packages:

Reset. ReAdjust. Refoucs Package: This is a 12 week package with all the bells and whistles. Choose this package should you need 1:1 support, weekly check ins and an accountability partner. The ultimate goal is to have a well rounded health and wellness life time change. Sign me up for this package

Reset Package: 1 Hour call to help reset and rethink the existing goals for your health and wellness previously established. Sometimes we just need to make a change to continue to build our healthy foundation. Select if you are in need of a Reset.

ReAdjust Package: Choose this package should you want a self pace package. You already have your goals in place and would like a plan to execute on your own. Select if you want to go my own pace. This pairs great with the refocus package

Refocus Package: I have my goals set but I feel I need accountability and support. This package will provide that monthly support with once a week check ins via chat, email, text or video. *2 month min commitment. Select if you would like to Refocus your mindset.

The 30 minute chat will offer the following: ​

  • What is a health coach?
  • What is Health & Wellness?
  • Your overall goals for nutrition, fitness and wellness
  • How as a health and wellness coach I can provide service to you.

​Enjoy a Free 14 day habit tracker for:

  • Meal Plan
  • Fitness
  • Wellness (self care habits)
  • Goals

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