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Health related

Need some ideas by food group? What kind of vegetables to make? Maybe you need some whole grain options Choose my plate provides great information that is easy to read.

If you are interested in getting the basics of nutrition, American Dietary guidelines website is a great way to start. It is the basics for any person that is a healthy individual. Under your doctors care you can adjust according to your dietary needs.

Additional resources are:

Wellness Related

Mediation studio – This has a few courses that really explains the type of meditation you can embark on. The course are free and are about 7 days long.

Calm app – I love this app for calming music for my bedtime routine.

Simple habit Has great teachers and it has lead me to some cool challenges. These challenges actually have lead me to other great resource to help me continue my mindfulness adventure

Please keep in mind all these are suggestions ONLY. I used them based off my experience and under my doctors care.

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