Meditation is a great outlet to clear the day to day clutter of our lives. Marcus Aurelius was a a Roman Emperor. You can only imagine how busy he was ruling the country. If you have 6 mins watch this video on How Marcus Aurelius keeps calm. It is a great way to paint the picture realistically on the greatness of just mindfulness. If you would like to read more check him out on Britannica website. There are different types of meditations

3 Principles I like to follow:

  • Intention – bring awareness to your purpose and motivation. Why are you being aware? Why are you practicing?
  • Attitude – you quality of your head brings the purpose to mind
  • Attention – quality to observe and recognize what we experiences

Additional meditation resources:

  • Mindfulness mediation – fully present with your thoughts
  • Transcendental – a personally assigned mantra, such as a word, sound, or small phrase, is repeated in a specific way.
  • Guided meditation- someone guides imaginary and visualization. You form mental picture
  • Yoga meditation- staying in the moment and practice various poses without distractions.
  • Different types of meditation

Interested in starting meditation I can send you some guidance for beginners.

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