Beginners Yoga

Who doesn’t love a good Yoga workout? In my planner I make sure that I put yoga on my schedule or “to do” list once if not twice a week. Meditating to clear your mind from any negative energy is always a positive move. I prefer to do Yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️  mid week  to stretch out my muscles and reset my mind for the rest of the week. I found on Pinterest some basic yoga moves (pic to the left) to help with my practice that I wanted to share. I took some of those moves and drew them in my bujo, bullet journal, (pic to the right) so when I’m traveling I can still maintain my practice. Feel free to check out my Peace and Serenity board on Pinterest (search for L.Y.F.E) as well for other yoga finds and mindfulness post  💜

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