Holiday self care Part 2

We are now pass Thanksgiving BUT that doesn’t mean it’s over we still need to get through Christmas and New Years.

This means another Holiday self care check in 🥰 After all I just hosted Thanksgiving for 20 plus people. How did your Thanksgiving go? I’m sure busy as mine. Now on to Christmas decorating, holiday events and of course Christmas shopping.

Before the month really got started I decided to take week by week and review all my fun and some not so fun events.

Every Sunday I dedicate and hour or two of planning in my planners with coffee of course. This will help me to avoid over commitment and over scheduling myself as well as my family.

I focus only on one week at a time. So today I focused on the activities and events the family had schedule this week ONLY. Next Sunday I will do next week.

Sometimes I put events in my phone and forget to write them down on my planner so I first sync my planner with my phone calendar. The phone calendar is used for the family to see the events. They don’t have a paper planner like me.

Next I meal plan. I plan actual nights of cooking the meals so they can provide left overs on the nights we are busy. I also plan out some quick lunch ideas for myself and for the kids.

Now on to my to do list. Any of my to do that need to be done this week gets out into my micro planner. This planner goes with me to work. I’m trying to cut back my screen time hence the micro planner.

I also write down personal

growth to do’s. My personal growth for me is anything fitness, health and wellness related. I’m a fitness instructor and nutrition wellness so I like to keep up with the latest and greatest in that world.

If you have another business or a hobby this is where I would insert those things.

Lastly I add self care reminders a couple times a week to my planner. They are simple things for myself sanity. After all if I’m not well the family can’t go on without me. 😱

Your ideal self care list could vary but here’s what mine looks like:

Stretch daily – I’m getting old

Pray daily- God gives me my peace.

Mediate daily- self awareness and allows for more peace

Exercise routine

Yoga – once a week. Allows me to check in with myself when the week is busy

Read – a couple times a week just because it’s enjoyable

Journaling – my brain dumps help me leave my bad days behind me

If you are interested check out my previous self care post:

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Pictures are two ideas I like to use as reminders for my daily routines. 💜Thanks for reading

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