Holiday self care check in

Around the holiday time it is more important to remind yourself for that self check. Hair is one of those self care things. We as women do SO MUCH!!

For the past week or two I haven’t been myself. I looked at my self care calendar and realize I’m a few day’s pass due on my hair wash.

I try to balance the hair wash since I go to the gym so much and have a dry scalp. Too late washing isn’t good for hair growth. Too much washing isn’t good for the dryness. 🙄 This is part of the reason I loc my hair. To me it’s so easy to maintain that balance.

Any way I went left instead of right 😂

From this point on this is my hair wash routine. However not everyone has loc. The point is to make yourself feel good with a simple hair wash, hot oil treatment or even maybe a new hair style.

A good scrub with Trader Joe’s tea tree oil. Makes my skin glow and my hair shine. I love this shampoo. It gets my hair clean but doesn’t strip the natural oils.

The fun doesn’t stop their. After drying my hair with a white cotton t shirt to avoid the lint. I use Dr Locs hair Yaya hair oil for my scalp to sit under the dryer. Kind of like a mini hot oil treatment.

After the drying I interlock with Dr Locs Imani locking spray. I use to palm roll but I found interlocking works best for me. Going to the gym frequently promotes fast hair growth. Palm rolling last maybe a week before it needs to be redone.

Once my hair is done and neatly uniformed from hair growth I feel and looks so much better 💜 It didn’t even cost me money just some of my time. Time well spent on myself.

In between wash I fell in love with Dr Locs pre cleanse for the double gym days. When the weather starts to change in my area from summer to winter I use the leave in conditioner.

I’m so loving my loc journey. 💜

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