Traveling with my planner & their goodies

What bag I use and when. What accessories I bring and when.

I am always on the hunt for that perfect planner bag. I was on the hunt for it so much I ended up buying a number of bags, pouches, just accessories in general to satisfy my “need”. Because I really need it 😂🤣

This morning heading to Starbucks to plan I was looking for that bag to carry all my goodies. It hit me, there isn’t just one perfect planner bag. I can’t be the only one that l thinks this. Am I?

For me personally the one size fits all isn’t going to work. Why?

1. I change my mind too much.

2. It depends on my mood that day. Bags are like jewelry (accessories). Depending on the mood is the accessory to go with for that day.

3. What is the activity that requires a bag?

4. How much planning and journaling do I really plan to do?

Here are my many ways to travel with my planner based off of the activities I had planned for the day. The items that I linked are not paid advertisement.

I seem to always have washi, Mildliners, Uni style pens, Pilot pens, post it’s, stickers sheets, a small ruler, whiteout and what ever else I think is necessary to make journaling and planning a success. 💜


Work travel

Laptop bag, laptop, wallet, Lihit pencil pouch (not shown but click the link) Happy Planner classic for work and micro notes as my personal planner. It’s a summary from my Hobinichi a6 that stays home on my night stand.


Weekend swag

Fossil bag with my purse insert from Amazon, wallet of course, Hobonichi a6 and sometimes the Happy Planner micro notes.



Arnello bookbag with 10 pockets. Kindle or iPad, medium delfonics pouch, Hobonichi large drawer (post its and sticker sheets), a larger purse insert for organization in the book bag. I love pockets!! Of course my Hobonich cousin for journaling and self care tracking, mega weeks for my mediation and spiritual journey.


Travel locally (smaller version of vacation but different bag)

Starbucks for major planning and blog writing with my Thirty one personalized tote.


Oil change with my target book bag and delfonics pouch for weekly planning



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