Random Thoughts: Airport Fun & Acts of kindness

Although this isn’t solely related to fitness, nutrition or planning they definitely play a small part in my adventure at the airport.

I had a lot of random thoughts as I experience my second or maybe third time flying alone. 😂I know I’m a child in an adult body. Flying gives me true anxiety but wants I’m on the plane I’m good. My random thoughts kept me more entertained and less anxious.

Maybe someone experience this very same thing or maybe not. 🤷🏾‍♀️Im sure someone can relate one way or another with this experience.

First arriving to the airport was crazy. No one follows directions. Car in the wrong lanes. People being dropped off in the middle of the lanes 🙄Pure chaos!! Everyone is in their own world not being mindful of others but yet I found myself keeping calm 😂that is the first for me.

Finally i get out of the car and off to check my bag and get to security. Not panicking because i got there “early”. So I thought. Random thought so glad I planned everything out. I even printing my boarding pass. Planning is my jam💜So I thought. I looked at the check out counter and to my surprise everyone and their mother was here. 🙄I figured checking in outside should be fine but I’m behind a couple with more bags than they can handle. About a minute in I looked inside and realize the crowd was more from people not knowing where to go or what to do despite the airport employee telling them. I decided to go inside and the couple in front of me must have read my mind. They wanted to get inside too since they would be late for their flight. They had so many bags and looked overwhelmed. I decided to flag down someone with a bag trolley to help them with their bags because the rate they were moving they would have not made it. Hopefully they made it safely.

Random act of kindnessI wonder if anyone has ever thought about helping others through their “busy” day.

So I went inside and found a short line to the  kiosk to print my bag label. Thinking stay calm you read all the fine print. You check in last night. How bad could it be. Well the gate changed 😱So glad the screen asked me not once but twice if I wanted to print. I had to get a new boarding pass and didn’t realize it. So much for “planning” ahead of time lol.

Alright I’m all set bag checked in and I’m off to the security gate which btw is hella long and I have literally 30 min to get coffee, pee and get to my gate. This is why I want to get to the airport early. I should have camped out here the way I was feeling.

Standing in the security line I surprise at how fast it’s moving even though it’s a pretty long line. And then here we go total violation of someone’s personal space and TSA guidelines. I’m standing in the security line waiting for my ID and boarding pass to be check. I was so close to the guy in front of me TSA thought I was with him. 🤪I was thinking why the hell does he think we are together I was so confused. Then I realized I’m not behind the “magic” yellow line 🤦🏾‍♀️so embarrassing. But I quickly had to get over it because it was game time. 😂

I needed to get my electronics and shoes together so I wouldn’t be the “one”. You know the one that holds up the line because they alarms is going off. Or how about the one that doesn’t take their shoes off fast enough. Or maybe the one who doesn’t take their electronic out of the carry on bag. I wasn’t the “one” but the kid in front of me was 🙄(there’s a lot of eye rolling in this in case you haven’t noticed) I’m like hello you didn’t know this was part of the process. There is not only signs everywhere but the TSA agent is announcing “shoes off, electronics out, no  liquid over 4 oz etc etc 🙄Random thought stay calm don’t be rude to the kid you still have 20 min to get your coffee.

Jumped on yet another train. I’m getting so close I can taste it. As we board the train for the train to take off Im about to brace myself. Signs everywhere that says hold on. I look over and see an older woman looking for something to hold on to. I motion her to stand next to me to hold on to the pole. Random thought there are two grown men standing near by they couldn’t offer her a spot near the pole. Again people not being thoughtful of others.

I get off the train and follow the crowd towards the escalator. So I thought. I took a step up and realize I’m on the damn stairs and not riding 😂Random thought at least I’m getting my steps since I didn’t go to the gym today. At this point this is when my meditation practice 🧘🏾‍♀️comes in turning a negative thought into a positive one. I am thinking finally after that burn the gate is right there. Wrong 😂I have to now walk further to the game. Since I’m feeling motivated from the steps and everyone seems to be running (late arrivals) I just skip the walk escalator and opt for a power walk. 😂😂I know. I’m going through a lot of emotions.

What was I thinking 10 min to board and the coffee ☕️was near gate 24 and I was boarding in gate 12. 🙄but I was determine. Talk about working through anxiety trying to get to this plane. Got my coffee, bathroom break and casually await my boarding group 5.

Of course there is some lessons learned and tipsI hope you can take from this experience. I know u did.

  1. Being flexible even when you preplanned. Printing out my boarding pass ahead time doesn’t mean Im completely ready. Things don’t always goes as plan and can change. Keeping an open mind no matter how much planning you may have done there’s always a chance for change.
  1. Prepare your snacks especially if you want to stay healthy. I did not see a healthy option insight in the airport. And if they had it it was not close enough to my gate. So carry my choice of snacks actually cut down on expense and time because I didn’t need to find anything to eat.
  2. My final thoughts. Mediation and spiritually connecting myself to Gods word really has me thinking outside the box and being more observant to others and how this world conducts themself accordingly.

1 thought on “Random Thoughts: Airport Fun & Acts of kindness

  1. Hi Angelita, Thanks for the tips on the airport chaos and how to handle them. I will definitely print my boarding pass in advance. I enjoyed reading your experience.


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