Overcoming the Plateaus’


So here we are in my current plateau state. I’m sure everyone has experience this.

One thing I found that help me along the way is tracking. Track your progress using an app (I use my fitness pal) or even old fashion pad and paper. (I do this too). I found  the easiest and fast way for me was to use an a6 travelers insert from City Girl Planners. I like to track my macros, water goal, and other fitness related items  seeing it over a month helps. Below is a pic of what it looked like nice and clean and then filled in.

Tracking helps me figure out what works and what doesn’t work. When I hit the plateau I can look back at the tracker to see what was the good days and bad days based off my goal. My goal is to be low carb since that help me get to weight I am now so I tend to review the low carbs day to see what I ate. I meal plan based off those days.

I have read a lot of sites, books and even talked to some people to get some ideas on how to get out of this plateau but I realize going back to what I tracked to see what worked for me was a great idea.  What works for your body type is always best to keep in mind.

Breaking the plateau

I did a green smoothie detox a few years ago. I love the detox because it helped me figure out what foods my body had a reaction to negatively.

At times my biggest complaint was my stomach. What woman isn’t complaining about that, right? I would recommend doing a safe doctor approve detox.

The whole detox allows for you to clean your system of any toxins. Then slowly add things back in. This way you can find out what makes your stomach bloated and what doesn’t. That was my biggest issue, bloating. I eliminated dairy, coffee and any kind of meat. 

Slowly adding these foods back into my diet help me figure out what was bloating me. Dairy was the biggest monster. Beef and too much coffee did it too. I pay very close attention to my intake of these things every week. Cutting back on my coffee (very hard but I was determined) and my beef help me see results SLOWLY.

I read up on some natural remedies for bloating and started incorporating them in to my life change as well.  Warm Lemon water is one and Apple Cider Vinegar is another (ACV) along with the lemon juice. 

As a challenge for myself I drank this for 30 days twice a day and of course tracked it. I saw a decreasing in bloating in my stomach.Weight is still touch and go but the inches have dropped.


Plateaus are not our friends but they are a way to tell us our bodies need something different. Changing up your food and fitness always help. Don’t get stuck on one thing.

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