Chocolate Craving Hack

There are times when our hormones as women take over. I’m no doctor by all means but I have learned to listen to my body. I’m always trying to find healthy long lasting ways to lose weight but still enjoy food 😂

Do you have a chocolate craving or maybe even an addiction? I am sure majority of women get chocolate cravings around that time of the month. At least I do.  I read in an article that it could be a sign of low magnesium 🤔

I really didn’t want to believe it until I try it for myself. I tracked my intake of magnesium for 30 days. After 30 days I realized I no longer have a desire for chocolate.

I found that adding magnesium to my daily routine not only takes the cravings away but also helps with depression. I will discuss depression and self care in another post.

I decided to search for a powder version since I took enough vitamins. Garden of Life has a version , Raspberry Lemonade, that is taste surprisingly good. 

Now there are times I can’t fight the urge so I indulge in Lindt 90% dark chocolate. Since I have been reducing my sugar intake the dark chocolate is sweet enough. Sometimes I add blackberries or blueberries. Makes a great snack. High in fiber to keep you full but also low in sugar and good in antioxidants. 

I feel Ike sharing any health hacks with others is a great way to make a life change successful. 

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