I Did That!

Finally….. it only felt like a million years that this weight was going to come off. 

😂 i know that’s how we all feel and say. 

I have managed to drop over 50 plus pounds and I’m still counting. Over the course of the years I have tried various diets. This past year I realize I can’t follow other people’s plans. I need to find what fits with me. 

With a lot of trail and error with food i finally came up with lower carbs. I didn’t cut out the carbs. I still eat them but i just eat in moderation. Cutting the carbs means cutting sugar 😒. Hardest part but i have family support. 

For the first week i was very strict to see if it would even work. No carbs and no sugar was hard but well worth it. I read all the labels on everything i ate that week. I wrote done a meal plan and stuck with it. I also made sure i incorporate water (half my body weight) each day with lemon. At the end of the week 1-2 lbs gone. That was all the motivation i needed to keep going. 

Focusing more on the food intake verses killing myself at the gym was the best idea. We all know weight lost is 80% eating and 20% exercise. 

1 thought on “I Did That!

  1. that’s fantastic – well done!


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