It’s Me!

Hi and welcome to my LYFE, health and fitness. LYFE stands for Learning Your Full Empowerment, which is exactly what i am doing. I’m learning how to not only empower myself but other women as well. Learning how to lift one another up in a positive way can be so rewarding. God put us on this earth to be examples of Him and that’s exactly what i plan to do. 

I am a single mom blessed enough to half a full time job and a part time job being an Uber to my two very active children. Losing weight has always been a battle. Up and down with the weight. What to eat? How to work out? Eventually i found my niche and made it work. ☺️  I have managed to drop over 50 plus pounds and counting. To read about my ups and downs and how i did it read my article called “I did that!”

I started this website to share with my nutrition and fitness habits with single mothers. This site can be used by other women as well. I can only discuss my ideas for health and fitness based off of being a single mom. Having no time for the gym, no money for healthy food and/or a gym membership i had to learn to improvise. Everything on this site is based off my own experience and research from various sources. I have taken a Sports Nutritionist course with The Fitness Training company. I am currently perusing a Group Fitness Instructor certification through AFAA(NASM). 

I took my fitness journey and turned it into a life change. I am sure you have heard of not doing a crash diet but making a life change?! This never happens over night. It took a lot of process of elimination. Till this day i am still reading different fitness articles and magazines. Always reading about different health trends and nutrition all articles to continue to enhance my knowledge of this constance trend change. 

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